The Bodhisattva's Path - The Practice of the Six Perfections

A Winter Online Series
Mon 4 Jul – Sun 14 August | 6 weeks

Special Winter series, training in the six perfections.

The supreme good heart of Bodhichitta is the most precious mind we can develop. It is our wish to attain enlightenment for the sole purpose of benefiting others. A Bodhisattva, motivated by great compassion commits to training their mind in the six perfections in order to accomplish that supreme goal.

We too can train practically in this path within the context of our daily lives. Changing our actions, transforming everything into a beneficial action through training in these virtues. According to Buddha and all the enlightened beings in order to solve our daily problems and build the foundation for pure happiness we need only to change our intention, our view, and our actions. Through this we will fulfill our own purpose and the purpose of others.

Nagarjuna explained the benefits of the six perfections: “From giving comes wealth, from moral discipline comes happiness, from patience comes an attractive form, from joyous effort your wishes are fulfilled, from concentration you will gain inner peace, and from wisdom you will be released from ignorance.

Join us for this special winter series and learn a powerful meditation on giving.

Training in giving our future happiness of enlightenment to all living beings now, all six perfections into
one meditation, bringing the future result into the present moment.

“Nowadays, with the world in turmoil, there is a particular need for Westerners to cultivate bodhichitta. If we are to make it through these perilous times, true Bodhisattvas must appear in the West as well as the East”
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Details & Bookings

This online course will be held over 6 weeks.

Each class is 1hr 15mins and is available 24/7 each week from Monday to Sunday. Book the entire course for maximum benefit at $50, or book for individual weeks for $10 each. If you experience any difficulty logging into your class please contact us on (02) 4315 2763 and we will assist you.

Monday to Friday each week 24/7

Online class, join at home

$50 for 6 weeks, $10 weekly

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The Teacher

Kelsang Monlam is the Resident Teacher of Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre. She has been practising meditation and Buddhism since 2008. Kelsang Monlam presents Buddha’s teachings in a light and practical manner and inspires us through example to incorporate Buddha’s teachings into our daily life.