Mind Over Matter

A Meditation Half Day Course

Sat 7 May · In-Person · 9.30am – 1pm · $40

Online live and available until 9pm Sun · $30

Every day our mind creates many different realities, some of which bring us a sense
of joy and freedom, and others that are limiting, and even painful. At this half day
course Kelsang Monlam will explain the profound connection between our mind and
the world we experience. Understanding the power our mind has to create, gives us
confidence to create the life we want.
Buddha taught that the mind is the creator of everything, including our experiences
of happiness and suffering. How the world appears to us depends entirely upon the
mind. Because everything depends upon our mind, if we change our mind, we
literally change everything.
Through contemplating and meditating on Buddha’s wisdom teachings on emptiness
we come to know the illusory nature of things and they lose their power over us. We
start to see in our own experience how things don’t exist in the fixed and solid way
they appear. Gaining control over our mind and learning to harness its power, we
find real freedom and happiness.

The Teacher

Kelsang Monlam is the Resident Teacher of Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre. She has been practising meditation and Buddhism since 2008. Kelsang Monlam presents Buddha’s teachings in a light and practical manner and inspires us through example to incorporate Buddha’s teachings into our daily life

Details & Bookings


Fee & Bookings

$40/$30 conc.

The Venue

Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 156 Mann St, Gosford.


Date & Time

Sat 7 May 2022

At all of our classes and courses we have implemented a COVID safe plan and you are welcome to wear a mask.

Everybody is welcome to attend this course, regardless of experience. During the day you will receive practical teachings. The course will also include short guided meditations that will give rise to a peaceful feeling in the mind and improve your ability to solve your daily problems effectively. In the last session of the day there will also be an opportunity for questions and answers.

What to expect at a course

Half Day courses are a special opportunity to take a short time out to receive practical teachings that focus on solving a particular problem we are trying to resolve in our daily life. These courses will give you the strength, confidence and tools you need to face the challenges of every day life with more patience, peace and perspective.