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Join in our general online meditation class from home!

Discover practical methods to solve your everyday problems: reduce stress and anxiety, enjoy harmonious interactions with others and create a happy sense of self. Learn how to meditate in a way that is enjoyable and actively builds inner strength, contentment and peace of mind.

٠ Each class includes two guided meditations, and a teaching.
٠ No previous experience required, everybody welcome to join.
٠ Each class is self-contained, join anytime.

Class Information

We offer a weekly class for those living on the Central Coast, or in the Central West. If you live in one of these areas you can book a class below. For your convenience this weekly class is available on three different days. For other areas please look up your local Kadampa Meditation Centre.

If you experience any difficulty logging into your class please contact us on (02) 4385 2609 and we will assist you.

Mondays 11am-12.15pm

Online class, join at home


Tuesdays 7-8.15pm

Online class, join at home


Wednesdays 7-8.15pm

Online class, join at home


Thursdays 11am-12.15pm

Online class, join at home


Instructions to access classes:

  1. Book your class above and wait for your confirmation email
  2. 10 minutes before class begins, click on the link in your class confirmation email
  3. On a computer: Tap the ‘f’ key on your keyboard to go full screen (recommended) On a mobile device: Turn device onto its side to switch to full screen mode
  4. Click on the Play button in the middle of the player window and wait for the stream to start. (Stream will begin a few minutes before class is due to start).

Topics & Dates


Everyone has the power to be happy. In this course Kelsang Monlam will explain that our actual power to be happy is our wisdom that understands the real cause of happiness is mental peace. If we learn to rely on this wisdom we will be able to maintain a continuous experience of happiness that benefits both ourself and others.


Understanding Karma teaches us how to prevent suffering and create our own experience of happiness. Karma is a truth that leads to happiness and peace, removing all blame and judgement of ourselves and others.


The teacher of these classes is Buddhist nun Kelsang Monlam, the Resident Teacher of Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre. With 13 years’ experience practising Buddhism, Monlam is well-loved for the depth of her wisdom and purity of her practice.