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Explore a specific topic in more detail at one of our half-day courses or retreats.

Australian Festival 2022

The Blessing Empowerment of 1000-Armed Avalokiteshvara and teachings on Bodhichitta

25 – 30 November

Gen Kelsang Rabten

At this year’s Australian Festival Gen Kelsang Rabten will grant the blessing empowerment of 1000-Armed Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of the compassion of all enlightened beings which has the power to protect everyone from their suffering and pain. Gen Rabten will also give teachings on the precious mind of bodhichitta – the best method for bestowing happiness, eliminating suffering, and dispelling confusion. According to Buddhism, there is no virtue equal to it, no better friend and no greater good fortune.

The Power of Mantra

A Meditation Half Day Course in Gosford

Saturday 10th December


Learn the simple, powerful method of combining mantra recitation with breathing meditation to quickly accomplish a calm, positive and controlled mind.