Events & Retreats

Take a day or weekend out to immerse yourself in meditation and Buddhist teachings. We hold courses, retreats and special events throughout the year. Everybody Welcome.


Explore a specific topic in more detail at one of our half-day online courses or retreats.

Letting Go of Resentment

A Meditation Half Day Course
Sat 24 April · 9.30am-1pm · $40/$30 conc

Enjoy the mental freedom and peace of mind that comes when we let go of the negative trains of thought that can easily develop into anger and resentment.

Emptiness: The True Nature of Things

A Half Day Online Meditation Retreat
Sat 8 May · 10am-1pm · $30

Buddha taught that all things are created by mind, simply a projection of the mind, totally dependent upon the minds that perceive them. Contemplating this truth in meditation we can begin to experience the deep peace this wisdom brings. All things are mere appearance to mind, understanding this we can live lightly, peacefully, with a comfortable balanced mind.

Dealing with Loss, Embracing Change

A Meditation Half Day Course
Sat 22 May · 9.30am-1pm · $40/$30 conc

Loss and change are an inevitable part of human life. Understanding that these are experiences we all face keeps us connected to each other and enables us to embrace change without feeling overwhelmed and lost.