Retreat 1 • Purifying the Past

july meditation challenge

July 1 – 5 • Drop-in • $5 Per Session • $50 for a Challenge Card

Join us in July for our Meditation Challenge with 10 evening talks & 2 guided daytime retreats!

During the first daytime retreat, Buddhist monk Kelsang Thubchen will explain the special methods taught by Buddha to purify the past and make way for a positive future. Hear about the law of karma, past and future lives and learn how to develop a light and happy mind. This 10 session retreat will include chanted prayers, guided meditations and commentary on the practise of purification, which will differ for each session.

Session times (Fri 1st – Tues 5th):
1 • 9am – 10.15am
2 • 11am – 12.15pm

All sessions in the Challenge are drop-in, there is no need to book and you can attend as many as you wish. No prior knowledge or experience is required. Everybody is welcome.

What else is happening during the Challenge?

Evening Talks • 1 – 10 July
Retreat 2 • 6 – 10 July
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Get a Challenge Card!

Get a ‘Challenge Card’ for $50 and you can attend any of the evening talks and daytime retreat sessions during the 10 days – all inclusive!

More info

During the 10 Day Meditation Challenge there will be a series of evening talks, and 2 special guided day time retreats. These sessions offer the chance to learn how to train in meditations for happiness in daily life.

All sessions are drop-in – you can attend as many as you like. The evening talks will consist of two guided meditations, and an explanation of meditation and Buddhist practices. The day retreat sessions will be guided, and include meditations and prayers (in English).

There is plenty of opportunity to discuss and ask questions. No special clothes are needed and you are welcome to sit in a chair or on a cushion on the floor. After class you are welcome to stay for a chat over tea, and during the retreats you are welcome to stay in the breaks (10.15-11am). There is also a shop selling books, meditation CDs and other items.


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