Carlo was born in Italy and spent his years growing up in Sydney. Originally a physical education teacher, he now works in communications, and helps Khedrubje Centre with these valuable skills. He has a penchant for his mamma’s bombolone donuts, and thinks that six of these are just enough when washed down with an espresso, or two.

1)  What do you like best about coming to class?
It’s a peaceful haven away from stress…

2)  How would you explain the benefits of meditation to someone new?
Meditation centres you and lets you deal with any problem that you are dealing with. If there are no problems – you are a better person!!

3)  Has there been an aspect of Buddhism or meditation that has really struck a chord with you?
It’s practical and calming. It allows me to make sense of my busy world, and feel more relaxed about things – such as relationships with family, my finances, etc.

4)  Has meditation changed your relationships, and if so, how?
I do not take things ‘personally’ any longer.

5)  Do you feel that Buddhism has something to offer the world today?
Yes, especially in this day and age!!

6)  Have people noticed a difference in you since you started meditating?
Yes – that I’m decidedly less stressed.

7)  Do you have a burning question about meditation or Buddhism that has yet to be answered?
Just that I need to learn more !!

8)  Can you use 3 words to describe the benefits of meditation?
For me it has been personally – grounding, uplifting and motivating.