Audrey has been practicing meditation and Buddhism since she was 20. She is studying a teaching degree at Newcastle University.

1)  What do you like best about coming to class?
Listening to teachings, learning refreshing new ways of being happy.

2)  How would you explain the benefits of meditation to someone new?
It settles you down. Everything feels lighter and better, so life is not as chaotic. It’s helpful in stressful ‘life’ situations to know you can be peaceful, at least in meditation.

3)  Has there been an aspect of Buddhism or meditation that has really struck a chord with you?
Buddha nature. Knowing everyone deep down is a good person helps me look at myself and others in a better light.

4)  Has meditation changed your relationships, and if so, how?
Yes. It’s improved my relationships. I find it easier to accept and get along with lots of different people and I love and respect my family, friends and the people close to me more than I ever have in my life.

5)  Do you have a favourite Buddhist teaching?
The teachings on Buddha-nature, patient acceptance, humility and rejoicing in others happiness.

6)  Do you feel that Buddhism has something to offer the world today?
Yes. I think if we all practiced even a few of Buddha’s teachings ie. the ones on giving and patience, then a lot of the problems in the world would quickly reduce or maybe even disappear.

7)  Do you have a favourite quote from one of Geshe Kelsang’s books?
‘If we can rejoice equally in the virtuous actions, happiness and prosperity of all beings, we shall overcome jealousy and hatred, and we shall easily attain the realizations of compassion and love’ ~ Joyful Path of Good Fortune, p 78

8)  Have people noticed a difference in you since you started meditating?
The friends at class who knew me from when I first started attending until now say I seem happier, and my close friends and family have noticed I’m more stable.

9)  Do you have a burning question about meditation or Buddhism that has yet to be answered?
Can enlightenment really happen?

10)  Can you use 3 words to describe the benefits of meditation?
You become happy! :-)